Sunday, July 31, 2005

June and July

These months were taken up with the application process. The application form had to be submitted to Exeter council by 23rd June, although in reality there was a degree of flexibility, and it was not until the end of July that it was confirmed that I had been given an award for this project.

I had an idea for a piece of work that I wanted to complete but I did not have any firm plans. I outlined my proposal on the application form and had a couple of phone conversations with David Whitelock. One of the stumbling blocks with the application was a requirement to have a location confirmed. I liked the idea of filming out of the viewing window in the Princesshay information centre in the High street and then siting the completed work there but I was unable to confirm this with Land Securities within the necessary time scale. I looked at other venues such as the Exeter Phoenix, Spacex and the Albert museum but ultimately it was the X-centre who had the space available and the enthusiasm to promote the event. Once this was confirmed I was told that the grant had been awarded.


Blogger Tom Kerswill said...

I went to an event in the X-Centre recently... nice space.

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