Monday, October 03, 2005

Week Beginning 26th September

This week I have concentrated on the still images and developing the website by adding these pages and the photographs. I have also been discussing with Richard Jones (who collaborated with me for the installation piece Transition for last year’s Exeter Fringe Festival) different ways for the whole project to be displayed. The film will be displayed on a large screen television – but there will also be some extras. We thought about having a separate screen that would display a slideshow of the still images and also like the idea of having a still image from each hour of the video on display that people can write on with their observations of what they have seen happening in that minute – have they noticed something that no one else has seen yet? There will also be a comments book beside the installation where, hopefully, people will write not only about the installation but also about the Princesshay development as a whole.

At the end of the week I received an invite from the mayor for a reception for the award winners to be held at the Guildhall in November.


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