Monday, October 24, 2005

Week beginning 17th October

More of the same really for this week – I have continued to work on two fronts - publicity and the music.

The website now has a link from Crediton rural arts and music project (crampdevon) and I’ve sent out more emails to publicise the event further. I have also produced the poster which I have put up in a few places and will continue to do that over the next couple of weeks. I have also printed the 25 stills from each hour of the video which will be included in the installation for people to write on. I am also looking at the possibility of having a computer that people will be able to look at all the photographs that I took through the hoarding windows on it.

The music has progressed significantly. It has changed considerably from the original idea of having 25 variations – I have instead started with a fully composed one minute section that consists of nine parts – as each minute progresses one (or two) of these parts are removed. This process is then reversed so that the music is rebuilt again. The end section is a mirror image of the opening. However after listening to this I think it may be better if the mirrored section becomes the opening section – something to try next week?


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