Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Week beginning 24th October

Still continuing to work on two fronts, the publicity and the music.
The poster has been put up in a few places, I have continued to email people about the project – this has resulted in a message from Devon online who want to do an article on their web page for next week. I have also been asked to make a short speech at the award ceremony on Friday of next week!

I have changed the music around so that the original opening section is now the final section and the mirrored section is at the start of the piece. I have also added a few processed elements into the centre section where I felt the music needed a little bit more. I’m fairly happy with the way it’s progressing so far – I have a couple of ideas to try out over this week but my target is to have the work completed by Friday 4th November so that I have plenty of time to concentrate on the practical and administrative elements.


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